Rosamar is the Goddess of the Land and the Earth, and the world is appropriately named in her honor. She is one of the Twelve Titans who represent the zodiac, and the first God of Order to ever exist.

Rosamar usually takes the shape of a woman emerging from a mountainside, and her hair is always shown as a bright red explosion of leaves. Next to Hanarn and Aquinamest, she is one of the most widely worshipped deities in the word, favored by Wood Elves.

The [[Magic / Akashic Realm | Druidism]] practice of magic has a branch specific to Rosamar – Fae magic. It can manipulate the flora, summon fae creatures, create a fae familiar, and even turn the mage into an elemental.

Zodiac Stats
Rosamar – Month of Vayven – Sign of the Dragonfly – Element of Earth
Colors: Green, Red

Rosamar’s Siblings:

Libevven, God of the Wilderness
Amuralgust, God of the Winds
Aquinamest, Goddess of the Seas


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