God of the Forests and Wild Animals, Libevven is also brother to Rosamar. He often takes the shape of a man with the horns of a stag, wearing furs. He, as well as his followers, choose to shun civilization and live with nature.

Libevven is a God of Order, and one of the Twelve Titans that make up the zodiac.

[[Magic / Akashic Realm | Druidism]] contains a branch of magic specific to Libevven. It can summon various native animals, calm beasts, tame a familiar, and eventually give the mage the ability to shift into an animal of their choice.

Centuries ago, before the Ascension of the Ancients, Libevven was wed to Annices, the Volcanic Goddess. However, shortly after they had twins, a mysterious God Poison killed Annices, and Libevven retreated into the wilds, never to be seen again. It us unknown what became of the twins.

Zodiac Stats
Libevven – Month of Sallanow – Sign of the Stag – Element of Earth
Colors: Brown, Green

Libevven’s Siblings:

Rosamar, Goddess of the Earth
Amuralgust, God of the Winds
Aquinamest, Goddess of the Seas


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