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Welcome to the world of Rosamar

Roughly 1200 years ago, the world was nothing but a mere rock in the cosmos. Then, the powerful Ancients manifested from the celestial energy. The first of the Ancients was Rosamar, who used her powers to make the earth habitable, populating it with lush forests and plants and landscapes. All creatures came to exist after her, and came to call the world “Rosamar”, honoring her as the “Earth Mother”.

Eventually, the Ancients moved on, ascending into the Ancient Realm to become Gods of Order, or descending into the Hell Planes as Gods of Disorder. Few remain in the Mortal Realm, walking the earth without reason.

The world of Rosamar now has many kinds – High Elves, Humans, Dwarves, Wood Elves, Dragonkind, Monklings, Greenkind, Fae, and others. For hundreds of years, the Mortal Realm and its many inhabitants have known balance between the influence of Order and Disorder. The Gods are a large part of every person’s life in Rosamar, from culture to culture. Every kingdom, every political move, every advance in technology, and every study of magic has played a part in the lifelong battle for balance.

As the years go on, however, some people are starting to see the balance threatened by the growing interest in the Forbidden – a term used to describe things that are so forsaken, they are shunned by both Order and Disorder. Such a threat is where Birds of a Feather begins.

Home Page

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